Digital prizes

You can now giveaway digital prizes! No shipping costs and no hassle, this latest feature allows you to run contests giving away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable (up to 100 megabytes). To create a contest with a digital prize simply choose ‘downloadable’ from the contest creator…

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Customize your newsletter double opt in email

Asking someone to join your Newsletter Entry is a two step process, known as a double opt in. Fortunately for you, we make sure all your contest newsletter entries are double opted in for you. You can style the confirmation button and create your own personalized message to be sent to your entrant when we remind them they still need…

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All Entry Methods

Here is the most up-to-date list of our entry methods. We are always building new ones, so if you have an idea let us know. We will try to build it for you. Newsletter Entry Facebook Like Entry Instagram Follow Entry #Tag on Instagram Entry Question Entry Youtube Subscription Entry Viral Share Entry RSVP to…

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Target countries with your contest.

You can now block or allow countries for your contest. It’s easy. From the settings page of your contest click on “Allow / Block Countries” Choose the countries you want to allow to enter your contest, or the countries which you wish to block from your contest. People from the countries you chose can now enter…

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Question Entry gives you answers

Want more feedback from your customers? We’ve got just the thing. Question Entry lets you ask your audience anything you like and offers up a little incentive for their responses. Just set a minimum number of words for their response and you’re done. Asking is simple: Answering and entering your contest is simple.   You’ll…

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List Keeper Entry

Now you can say “Everyone on our list is entered to win…” List Keeper Entry gives you a great new way to add incentive for your subscribers (currently only available for MailChimp). Most people focus on growing their lists. However, we think it’s important to focus on both newsletter growth and newsletter retention. With List…

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Grow your Vertical Response Newsletter list

We can now help you grow your Vertical Response email lists. As you know, contests are a great incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. We take care of the entry verification, double opt-in and export to Vertical Response. How to setup Vertical Response Export: Login to Rewards Fuel and go to your account…

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