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Effortless Entry

Effortless entry is a way for your audience to enter your contest for nothing.  What do we mean by nothing?  Most entry methods require your audience to take some sort of action to enter: Follow on Instagram, Subscribe on YouTube, join your newsletter list, etc.  This entry method simply asks your contestant to submit their name and email address to enter to win.

Why would you offer it?
Sometimes it’s nice to keep things short, sweet and easy. This entry method is best used with your clients who are already following you on social media, subscribed to your newsletter or Youtube channel. It offers your audience a no-strings attached contest with the benefits of increasing customer loyalty, brand awareness and the opportunity to offer product sampling.

Congrats to our friends at Kittyo for running an incredibly successful contest!  The team created
***UPDATE**** Sale date has passed- but keep your eyes on this page for similar promotions
Now you can ask your customers to fill out a survey to enter your contest!
Choose your weapons! Or in this case we mean contest entry methods; here is the
Newsletter subscribers are important- next to sales it's quite often the most important priority for a

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