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700% More Email Subscribers? Yep, We Can Help you do That

Combining Newsletters and Contests

We found a few reasons why combining newsletters and contests is a good thing.

In a blog post on Unbounce, they revealed some pretty amazing results on how contests can improve engagement and how they received 700% more email subscribers.

Key takeaways:

  1. Why Run Contests? Promotions that use giveaways convert more targeted visitors into subscribers and improve the odds of making a final conversion.
  2. What’s in a Name? Contests that specify a month in their name receive 40% more email subscribers. e.g. November’s iPad giveaway vs. iPad Giveaway.
  3. Giveaway vs. Sweepstake: The word “giveaway” gets 27% more conversions than “sweepstakes.”
  4. To the Left or to the Right? Contest widgets placed on the bottom-right increase email subscriptions 125% over those placed on the bottom-left.
  5. Make it Easy:  “Enter in seconds” gets 33% more email subscribers than just “Enter.”
  6. What’s a Picture Worth? Images, even irrelevant ones, lead to 22% more email subscribers.

Get started with your own contest today.

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