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Export contest information to Excel

Many of you who manage marketing for other people asked us for the ability to export contest data in a format you can edit and present to your customers.  We have created two ways of exporting contest data in a format you can present to your customers.  We introduced PDF Exporting last month and now you export contest data to Microsoft Excel.

The following is included in your export:

  • Start – End dates
  • Traffic summary (total views / unique views)
  • Device summary (desktop / tablet / mobile)
  • Entry summary (unique contestants / entry points)
  • Your entry method summary (how many entries and points came from each entry method in your contest)
  • Contestant demographics (age and gender)
  • Traffic summary (where your contestants came from)
  • Geo summary (where your contestants are coming from)
  • Contestants (first, last, email and total entry points)

Click here is an example of what that information you receive.

This feature is perfect for agencies or those who are working with clients and wish to format contest data how they like

This feature is included in the promoter pro plan, the full stats feature or can be purchased on its own.

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