Facebook Like Entry

Facebook Like Entry is our solution to getting you more Facebook Likes in a post-Fangate world.

Why add this as an entry method?
You will see new likes – more than if you didn’t include it as an entry method.  Its included in all of our plans including the free plan.

Are entries verified?
The only action that is verified by this entry method is that someone has visited your Facebook page, not that they have liked your page.

exampleWhat does it look like?
Here is a screen shot from one of our test contests.  You can modify the entry method by adjusting some of the advanced features or by experimenting with different contest layouts or colors.

Is it easy to setup?
Absolutely. Just add your Facebook page URL e.g. Facebook.com/RewardsFuel, choose the number of points for entry and you’re ready to go.

What other options do you offer?
We allow you to customize the appearance of this entry method widget. You can modify:

  1. Add a description that goes below the title and above the Facebook widget.
  2. If the widget includes your Facebook banner.
  3. If the Facebook widget includes friends faces (blurred here).
  4. If the widget includes some of your recent posts.

As of November 2014, Facebook no longer allows anyone to force the liking of a page as incentive for downloads or entry into a contest. Without the ability to require fans to like your page, we thought it would be beneficial to offer a contest entry method that suggests they like a page, and encourage them to click through to your Facebook page to check it out.

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