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Newsletter entry

Newsletter subscribers are important- next to sales it’s quite often the most important priority for a business.

Many of us have used forms of incentive to help grow our lists.  We commonly see calls to action like “Sign up for our newsletter and get a coupon“.  It makes sense to add incentive to gaining new subscribers, but does it always have to be coupons or savings?  Aren’t we training our customers to wait for a discount if we dangle savings as an incentive?

We’ve seen countless customers use contests to grow their newsletter lists rapidly.  The possibility of winning something is a great form of motivation and doesn’t train the customers to wait for a discount.

Setting up Newsletter Entry is simple, just fill in the name of your newsletter list, tell them what they will get from joining and give it a few entry points as an incentive. (Not sure how many entry points to add? Think of it as rating your newsletter business on a priority scale 1-10. 1 being not as important vs 10 being high priority)


How do I get the emails?
When you create the entry method you can choose to set-up automatic export to one of our newsletter integration partners (MailChimp, Aweber, Icontact, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor) or export all of your subscribers to a CSV file which can easily be imported into almost any email program.

Are the emails verified?
Yes!  We double opt-in all emails as an entry into the contest. This means you can legally email everyone on your list knowing they are legitimate email addresses that the contestant has confirmed by clicking on a confirmation email.

Will I get a lot of email addresses?
Absolutely- we’ve seen incredible results! The key is to promote your contest; if your giveaway is seen by the right audience and your prize is motivating to them, you’ll see substantial growth.

What does it look like?
Contests are totally flexible with the ability to add or remove elements, and to easily change colors or fonts.  Below is a quick demonstration that includes newsletter entry.

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