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Offline Entries and More

Are you running a contest in the real world, outside of the Interwebs?

Do you have a list of people who entered in your contest that you’d like to import into your online competition?

If you have a list of contestants from a real world contest (like drop your business card into this box, for example), we have just the thing for you (hint: it’s two easy new ways to manually import entries).

To import offline contestants visit the details page of your contest.

If you want to add one or two entries we have built a manual entry for you.



Need to add numerous¬†entries in bulk? We’ve got you covered with our CSV importer.

Simply download this file, fill it with your contestants information and we will take care of the rest. Please note, email address is required, so if you do not have that please add a unique value e.g. and the points column should be a value between 1 to 10.


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