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Rewards Fuel Contests on Shopify

Rewards Fuel is now available on Shopify as a free app that you can install here.

What does the App do?
The Shopify app is similar to our WordPress plugin. It allows you to create contests directly from your Shopify website. It also allows you to easily embed a contest on any page, blog article or product description in your Shopify store.

How do you create a contest on your Shopify site?
Once you have installed the app, you will be taken to a preference page where a large button allows you to create a contest.

Once you’ve clicked this popup window, you can create your contest where you can then fill in all the basic information about your contest (a name, the prize you’re giving away, entry methods and when you want the contest to run).

After you complete the setup of your contest, you will see a page of options such as: (appearance, embed code, winner options, etc).

You will then be able to close this popup and copy/paste the code snippet and embed your contest on your website.

After the contest creation window has closed, you will now see your new contest in the select box where you can choose it:

Now you can copy your contest code.


Paste your copied code into a blog post or page and you’re done!


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