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Grow your Vertical Response Newsletter list

We can now help you grow your Vertical Response email lists.

As you know, contests are a great incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. We take care of the entry verification, double opt-in and export to Vertical Response.

How to setup Vertical Response Export:

  1. Login to Rewards Fuel and go to your account page.
  2. Click on connect Vertical Response, and authenticate us
  3. Create a contest with newsletter entry
  4. Select your newsletter list
Dream of larger, engaged newsletter lists? You've already added incentive to joining your newsletter list
Now you can say "Everyone on our list is entered to win..." List Keeper Entry
Looking for a creative way to rekindle the flame with your email subscribers? As time
With the increase in junk email and spam and the rise of tech companies like
"Sign-up for our newsletter to enter" is one of our most successful entry methods. In

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